Free calling services through internet

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Communication circuits

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a digitalised technology, used to forward calls to distant places through the internet. It has been widely appreciated and is turning out to be a favourite with people choosing this technology over the traditional public phone systems.

There a large number of websites that uses the principle of VoIP to offer free internet calling services to people across the globe. All they need to do is, subscribe to these websites. There are no subscription charges involved and the process of subscription is simple as well. A user has to fill up a registration form to subscribe to any of the services offered by the website. The registration form is easy to fill up and hardly takes few minutes.

To access free calling services, a user would require a PC or a laptop with internet access. Once equipped with these, users can make use of the website to call family and friends at distant places without bothering for outrageous phone bills. There are websites which provide video calling too. Real time interaction is thus possible. File sharing of pictures and videos is another feature that free internet calling websites allow.

The most attractive feature of this service is that it is absolutely free of cost. The information of such websites is available on the internet. Certain keywords will help you find exactly all the information needed. However, care must be taken that you register on websites that are well recognised for their free internet calling services and provide the latest of the facilities. Check for the privacy policies because many websites share your information with third parties that they have tie-up with.

Free Internet Calling

Free Internet Calling

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