Get the Features You Need with Cisco Phone Systems for Small Business Enterprises

by | May 29, 2013 | Telecommunications

The success of any sized business greatly depends on the communication between customers and employees alike. As your business grows, you’ll attract more attention and traffic. Adopting new methods of communicating will allow you to reach out to a broader range of people more easily. Giving you and your employees the tools to provide excellent customer service will surely get your business booming. Cisco phone systems for small business companies will offer the essentials for growing businesses, as well as an array of helpful extras.

Basic Features
To help your company thrive, Cisco phone systems for small business provides the means to integrate fundamental applications such as videoconferencing and mobile soft phone. Having Videoconferencing and mobile soft phone capabilities are a couple of the benefits that can help improve collaboration and productivity. The ability to engage at any time with employees and clients can be crucial to business operations. Eliminating cost and time spent on travel by utilizing videoconferencing can be very beneficial to any organization as well. The funds spent on expenses such as gas, mileage, airfares and more can be applied to other areas of the business. Videoconferencing is an interesting and exciting way to collaborate and synergize. With a VoIP system, you can also download a mobile soft phone application on your cellphone. Telecommuters can have the option to connect with other team members as well as clients while out of the office or the main site of operation.

Useful Options
Cisco phone systems for small business enterprises offer a wide range of optional features that will increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. Paging, intercom, automated attendant, presence technology, and wireless IP phones are a few of the additives you can choose from based on your preferences. Paging, as well as the intercom function, will allow you to quickly address important messages to an individual or all employees at once. Automated attendant allows you to create a system which will help direct customers using the dial-pad. Presence technology gives employees the ability to let others know what their current status is, and if they’re free to accept incoming phone calls. Tired of being confined to a desk? Wireless IP phones grant you the freedom to take calls without being restricted to one specific area.

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