All Eyes on Africa’s Agriculture Sector— Countless Opportunities for Translators

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Telecommunications

AGCO is a US Based Multinational Company that manufactures heavy farm equipment. They design the equipment themselves, trying to modernize the machinery for making farming more effective and for increased production. Recently, AGCO has decided to invest $100 million dollars over a span of three years to capitalize on the recent burst of energy the investors have witnessed in the agricultural activity of the region. AGCO has joined hands with West Africa Agribusiness Development Corporation (WAAD), AGCO Finance and USAID to arrange more fiancés to increase arable land in Africa. With the foreign investors lined up to invest in the region, more translators and translation service companies would be needed.

With the recent oil and gas discoveries in Africa, foreign investors rushed towards the region, desperate to invest in a region which held much potential for growth. The economic forums in the world as well as multinational companies like AGCO in Africa realized that its vast expanses of land are not being utilized to the fullest. A survey by AGCO revealed that 60% of the world’s uncultivated land is in Africa. It is an alarming discovery for a region that has continually faced the threat of food insecurity over the last many years. What the companies involved in agribusiness plan to do is to invest in the agriculture sector of the country, to deal with food shortage and create job opportunities for the local population. Any company, setting up business in Africa will need the aid of translators to communicate effectively. It is hard to come across translators in many African countries. Therefore, it would be a judicious measure to hire translators from a reputable translation service company rather than jeopardizing your business dealings by hiring an inexperienced translator. Houston translation Services Company and New York translation Service Company have earned acclaim from their customers throughout the world, for carrying out impeccable translation services.

McKinsey & Co. in their analysis of the agricultural capacity of Africa declared that it is evident that Africa’s farming sector will experience a boom by the year 2030, with an increase of $600 billion. Presently the revenue earned by Africa through its agriculture is about a $280 billion. McKinsey & Co. is a global management consulting firm that acts as advisers for businesses and institutions. The old ways of farming have become outdated. With the increasing world population, crop cultivation needs to be carried out on a massive scale to meet the food requirements in the upcoming years. And for this purpose, farming needs to be mechanized. From setting up factories to organizing training classes for farmers, setting up model farms and giving loans to farmers, the agricultural companies that have invested in Africa are doing all they can to increase productivity in the region. All these proposed goals cannot be achieved without impressing the need for modernization in farming techniques on the local residents. This task can be accomplished by engaging translators to communicate the need for mechanized farming. Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique are the potential growth zones. Nigeria has decided to increase domestic food production instead of spending as much as $10 billion in importing wheat, sugar, rice and fish.

Africa, especially the land in West Africa, has become the center of attention worldwide. The region needs more investment in agricultural sector and with the agro-industry developing; the future holds myriad opportunities for translators and translation service companies.



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