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If you would have told someone not more than a decade ago that telecommunication will soon become wireless they might not have believed you. But this is now turning into a reality and not just for a selected few. The common masses are now freely enjoying wireless telecommunications no only for speaking and contacting each other but also for access to information and transfer of data.

Mobile Devices

Almost everyone these days has at least one mobile device at one. These mobile phones use radio waves to connect to a cellular network. It is the most widely used service among wireless telecommunications. Radio waves are also used for broadcasting radio channels, wireless devices like those used by the police and microwave communications.

New services

Recently developments in wireless telecommunications have popularized broadband radio services. These services have gone beyond voice communications and realized the transfer of data over pretty long distances at high speeds.

Digital TV

Another new channel of wireless telecommunication is direct to home digital TV. These TV receptors are connected to dish antennas which receive the modulated broadcast from satellites.

Benefits of wireless telecommunications

Such wireless telecommunications are released from bandwidth limitations, economical restraints and security concerns. Since they do not use any wires, there is no chance of anything getting damaged and leading to failure of service. A tremendous amount of money is saved which conventionally had to be used in setting up cables and power lines.

People are quickly adopting these new services and getting used to them. Because of this success there has been more than enough financial backing to make these services even better and faster. An example of the most recent development is the 3G service which provides surprising internet speeds on portable devices.

Wireless local loop or WLL, wireless digital data or WDD, multi-channel digital television distribution or MMDS are a few examples of wireless telecommunications.

Wireless Telecommunications

Wireless Telecommunications

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