Easy to Implement WLAN Security Solutions in Honolulu

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Wireless local area networks (WLANs) provide a convenient and affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. In the past, businesses that opted for this networking solution faced certain inherent security risks but today, there are adequate Security Solutions in Honolulu to make WLAN connections safe enough for just about any use. Read on to find out how business owners can ensure data security and prevent their companies from cyber attacks.

Physically Secure the Router

Keep the router in a secure location with restricted access. Good options include keeping it in a locked office or filing cabinet or installing video surveillance for 24/7 monitoring. If the router isn’t kept in a secure location, potential attackers can simply hit the reset button to get around even sophisticated security precautions.

Keep Firmware and Software Updated

Turn on automatic firmware updates for the router. As companies manufacturing routers identify potential security vulnerabilities, they put out patches to solve them, but these patches need to be applied via routine updates. Business owners should also keep their network security software up to date.

Use WPA2 Encryption

WPA2, or WiFi Protected Access, is an encryption protocol designed to protect networks from potential attacks. It’s much more effective than the Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP, encryption protocol. Business owners whose routers are not WPA compatible should upgrade to newer models as soon as possible.

Set Up Private and Public Access

Many companies provide public WiFi for their guests. That’s great, but these networks should be kept separate from private networks using a Service Set Identifier (SSID). This will create a separate point of access, isolating the company’s computers from guests.

Eliminate Rogue APs

A Rogue Access Point (AP) can’t be configured as securely as the rest of the network, so they can create an access point for hackers. More often than not, they’re set up by well-meaning employees who just don’t have good connectivity in their offices. The best way to find them is to do an access point scan of the network.

Hire a Professional

Companies that handle sensitive data should hire a network provider that can also provide Security Solutions in Honolulu. Want to find an exceptional service provider that can do it all? Check out Business Name online today.

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