Multiple Services for Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu

An experienced one stop company to provide Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu can take a business from planning to ongoing monitoring and support for all voice and data needs. Professional services start with consulting and planning for both the business and the network infrastructure. An E commerce business may only require call center services for the purpose of taking orders and answering customer questions.

More Complicated Needs

A hotel will need telephone systems, data networks to store and protect confidential information, secured back up services, and wireless security. The needs and preferences of each business will be different so getting all the needs met in terms of Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu in one place makes management of communication easier and more cost-effective. Businesses that depend on a mobile workforce, for example, will need to have a virtual private network (VPN) created for video conferencing and accessing sensitive company information off-site. Security will also be a priority.

From the Ground Up

Design services are offered by experienced companies, such as Envision Networked Services, to create networks from scratch to accommodate current business needs, and allow for business growth. If the business works with a company that only provides those services, owners will have to seek out another company to install all the cabling and connections to implement the design. Not only does that take more time and expense, the situation increases risks of misalignment between the design and the build.

Once the system is up and running, employees will need training, a help desk for questions, or hosting services for the telephone system. At this point, the owner has worked with three separate companies and has separate invoices to pay. Project management has been fragmented so there are no guarantees all the components will result in a cohesive network and support system.


Utilizing one company that provides all those services ensures consistency throughout the entire process. It also means any repairs or changes that need to be made will be fast and efficient, reducing any downtime. The business functions seamlessly between departments, with customers and suppliers, and with partners or collaborators. Peace of mind is a residual benefit because the company that planned and designed the systems are also responsible for hosting, maintaining, and monitoring it.

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