What to Look for at Chicago Tradeshows

There are many things to look for when attending Chicago tradeshows. For those who own small businesses, or operate their own companies in the Chicago area, these trade shows can be very beneficial. Not only can you meet other people that operate within your niche, but also you have the opportunity to show off your own product, service, and skills. Here are some things that you can expect at Chicago tradeshows.

1. The Chance to Be Seen and Heard – Attending these trade shows gives any small business owner the chance to be seen as well as heard by prospective clients who may be in attendance. The business world is always changing, and having an opportunity to advertise your product or service to a live audience is a priceless event. Doing so could possibly consolidate the process of a sale or multiple sales down from weeks and months to hours and minutes. Trade shows are an excellent chance to sell products, services, and ideas, and buy the same from others in attendance. At a trade show, vendors will actually be competing for your business instead of you trying to persuade them to give you theirs.

2. The Chance to Build Connections – When attending a trade show, don’t miss out on the opportunity to build connections and network with other business owners, suppliers, and exhibitors. This is a great time to pass out your business cards and collect the cards of others. Exchange LinkedIn information, connect online, swap phone numbers, and use this chance to build your list of business contacts. Trade shows give you the chance to meet others face to face whom you might only meet online, or chat with on the phone. In some cases, you may have never met them at all if not for the show. Building connections can help build your business, so don’t miss the chance.

3. Knowledge and Information – Another thing you can expect a great deal of at trade shows is knowledge and information. At many of them, education sessions are held which can teach you new innovations and ideas in your field of work. You can learn new business strategies, better communication skills, and better understand your clients and their needs. Knowledge about the challenges which you face day to day at work is readily available at these trade shows.

4. Media Coverage – At most trade shows, there is a large amount of media coverage, which means that your business, product, service, or idea could get a lot of exposure…for free. If you are interested in having your exhibit featured by the media, you may want to speak with the trade show managers and public relations people. Not only could you be seen on television, but trade show magazines and online sites could share your message as well. Never miss the chance to gain free media coverage.

Those are just a few things that you can expect to find at a trade show. Be sure to sign up for the next one in your area. You won’t regret it!

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