What to Know when Hiring Legal Translation Services

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Communication circuits

If you need a document translated, you will have two basic options: go to a self-proclaimed, talented freelancer, or look for a company with a positive reputation that follows all of the industry standards. While the cost associated with working with an individual freelancer may be a bit less, the risks associated with this are much higher.

When it comes to your legal documents, there is really only one choice that makes sense and that is working with professional Legal Interpreting Services in New Jersey. Since law is extremely dependent on the specific subject of the document you are having to deal with, an inaccurate or misinterpreted translation can lead to serious consequences, which is why so many businesses are turning to reputable translation services that only work with certified and experienced translators.

Both individuals and businesses may need legal translation services; however, they are most commonly used for courts and law offices, especially when the court proceedings are taking place on an international level. This allows lawyers that receive foreign documents to have them translated where they are able to be read and understood. Additionally, if the document that is translated needs to be legally valid in a different country, then it has to be translated, and then certified, by a person referred to as a sworn translator.

The sworn translator is an individual that has received a certification from their country’s government and that holds the power to provide a sworn translation. This is much different than a certified translation. When you work with a certified translator, you will receive services from a highly competent individual that is a member of a club or association. While this provides you with a guarantee that you will receive quality work, it does not offer any type of legal bind.

When you use a legal translation service they will provide you with a document that has the seal of the local civil court, which provides identification for the translator that they are in fact a sworn translator. It is important that each page of the document is sealed and signed in the appropriate manner.

The majority of business documents that will require legal translation services will be so for only specific documents that have been issued in a foreign language. Some of the most common documents include degree certificate, proof of identity, patent certificate, translated birth certificate, etc. Only at this point will the documents be accepted as legally valid in a foreign country.

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