VOIP Phone system

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Voice Over Internet Protocol service better known as VOIP, is a phone system that has been high on popularity ever since its launch. VOIP system allows you to utilise a standard telephone in order to call any other phone through a telephone system connected to a public land-line telephone system.

Defining VOIP

There are three types of VOIP systems that are in use. The most commonly used VOIP system for business is the one which uses an ATA( Analog Telephone Adapter) . The use of ATA allows the user to access the VOIP system through a standard telephone instead of a specialised IP phone which needs to be connected to the computer router.

A computer-to-computer VOIP system would require microphone and a pair of speakers and the phone connected to the adapter instead of the wall jack. ATA converts the phone’s analog signal into a series of digital packets. These digital packets are then sent over the internet where they are distributed to the correct telephone exchange. When the connection is established with the correct exchange, the call is completed.

Advantages of VOIP

Most VOIP systems offer premium services offered by public land-line systems such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, three-way conference call and voice mail. These services are offered free of charge and the only charge applicable is the flat rate for calls. The call rates is charged on the number of calls placed in a month and not separate call charges for local and out-station calls.

Software use has pushed the hardware on the back foot. Softphone, a software does the work when on a move. All it requires is a microphone and speakers along with internet connectivity. With the internet card being a wireless one, the need for ATA and a physical handset does not arises.

VOIP Phone System

VOIP Phone System

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