Make cheap international calls with calling cards

by | Jun 17, 2011 | phone systems

Do you have your relatives and friends staying abroad? Are you looking forward to make cheap international calls? If the reply is affirmative, you must consider using calling cards. Due to heavy international calling charges, many people stay away from making international calls. This is where using calling cards can prove to be quite helpful and affordable as well.

Using calling cards is very easy. All you need to do is simply dial the access number given on the calling card, dial the PIN number and enter the destination number where you want to call. The best part of calling cards is the fact that you can freely talk without worrying about the rising telephone bills.

Types of Calling Cards

Calling cards are available in three different types – domestic, international and overseas calling cards. While international calling cards enable users to make calls abroad, overseas calling cards enable users to make fixed rate calls to foreign countries. On the other hand, domestic calling cards allow users to make long distance calls at a fixed rate – often cheaper compared to standard long distance calling.

Features of Calling Cards

Calling cards feature a PIN number that is hidden below a scratch off surface. These calling cards have magnetic strips that are used by cashiers to register and activate the card. The front side of the card displays its value along with the logo of the phone company.

The cost of calling cards varies based on different factors such as distance of destination, validity of the card, etc. For instance, a calling card with 60 days of validity will provide cheaper call rates compared to the ones with 30 days validity. Calling cards may have different offers such as free talk times, city specials, pay-per-second and others.

Calling Cards

Calling Cards

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